SRP Description

Panel Role and Objectives

Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP) will be established for the purpose of performing independent reviews of scientific and technical data submitted by a community challenging FEMA's flood elevation data and studies used to develop proposed flood hazard data for the National Flood Insurance Program's (NFIP) Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). Individual Panels, consisting of 5 members selected from an independent cadre of experts, will review the conflicting flood hazard data submitted by FEMA and the community to determine which studies are technically and scientifically more accurate The Panel will then render a written decision that denies or accepts the alternative flood elevation data submitted by a community. The decision of the Panel will serve as the recommendation to the FEMA Administrator for resolution of the conflicting data.

Panel Directive

The Panel must present its rationale and decision based on a simple majority vote of the 5 member Panel in a report made available to FEMA and the community no later than 90 days after the data is brought to the Panel.

Panel Selection Criteria

The Institute will maintain a cadre of scientific and technical experts in sciences that relate to the creation of Flood Hazard Maps and Flood Insurance Studies.

Professionals in the following fields of expertise are encouraged to submit on online application:

  • Coastal flood hazard analysis
  • Riverine flood hazard analysis
  • Lacustrine flood hazard analysis
  • Alluvial fan engineering
  • Water resource engineering
    • Surface water hydrology
    • Open-channel flow hydraulics
    • Hydrologic engineering
  • Coastal storm and hydraulic engineering
  • Coastal geotechnical engineering
  • Coastal storm generation
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Topographic data – surveys, light detection and ranging, photogrammetric, etc.
  • FEMA guidelines and specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners
  • FEMA procedure memoranda for flood hazard mapping

Panel Initiation and Composition

Upon direction from FEMA to convene an SRP, the Institute will identify a list of 10-15 pre-qualified members from its cadre of experts based on the technical and scientific expertise needed for each specific request. A Panel of 5 members will be chosen from the pre-qualified list of experts — the community will choose 3 members, FEMA will choose the remaining 2.