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Members of the Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP) Cadre of experts must meet or exceed the following requirements:

Professional & Educational Qualifications

  • Minimum of 10 year of professional experience
  • Educational degree(s) in field of expertise
  • Professional license in field of expertise (if applicable)

Other Relevant Qualifications

  • Membership in professional or business association(s)
  • Research or published works in field of expertise


  • Able to render unbiased evaluation and opinion based on technical data
  • Able to decide fairly and impartially
  • Must fully disclose conflicts of interest or any circumstances that might be perceived as constituting a conflict of interest or a bias in favor of or against either party of an assigned submittal.


  • Willingness to serve as Chair of a Panel
  • Willingness to devote the equivalent of 2 to 5 days of time and effort over the course of 90 days when selected for a Panel
  • Willingness to serve on a Panel at least once per year
  • Willingness to learn the SRP Rules and Procedures
  • Willingness to provide two letters of recommendation from active professionals in the field (if requested)


  • Attest to accuracy of content of application
  • Maintain integrity of personal, professional and conflict of interest status by updating records annually
  • Sign Cadre Member and Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Recertify qualification records prior to serving on Panel
  • Sign a Panelist engagement agreement with NIBS as an Independent Subcontractor


  • Read the SRP Rules and Procedures and selected sections of the National Flood Insurance Program Statutes and Regulations listed on the online application


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